Depending on your treatment goal, you may experience a dreamy state of consciousness or even fall asleep.  Individual experiences will vary.

Treatment is provided whilst you are fully clothed with shoes off, either laying down supported by pillows and a blanket or whilst you sit comfortably in a chair.

Initial consultation and treatment 

     90 minutes 

     - Initial conversation including appointment goal and relevant health history  

     - Pre-treatment assessment 

     - Treatment

     - Post-treatment assessment

     - Feedback and evaluation of treatment

Follow-up treatment options 

     30 minutes 

     - Ideal for mind relaxation promoting clarity and focus

     - Also ideal if needs are simple and straightforward

     - Great for relaxation in your lunch hour 


     60 minutes       

     - Ideal for longer relaxation time

     - Also ideal if needs are not simple and straightforward

     - Similar format to the initial consultation with a brief update conversation

     90 minutes

     - Includes the same as a 60 minute appointment 
     - Enables more time for client empowerment through education and self-care             - Ideal for when more individual time is required.

What can you expect?


Feel relaxed - with an increased sense of well-being and focus.

All treatments are individually tailored to your needs using a variety of standardised Healing Touch techniques.